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Security Consulting

UniSolutions Associates provides comprehensive security consulting services designed to minimize the risk to your data of exposure or corruption. This is accomplished by following a "security in depth" methodology.

Our consulting services include:

Security Policy Review & Development

We will work with your organization to review existing security policies and/or develop security policies targeted to your specific operating environment. We will help you safeguard your intellectual property and other proprietary information assets from theft or corruption.

Vulnerability Assessment

UniSolutions Associates will identify vulnerabilities in your computing infrastructure and policies from both external and internal threats. We will provide you with a detailed security assessment report and with detailed recommendations on how to correct any vulnerabilities found, in order  to close any potential attack vectors and prevent a compromise of your network assets.

Network Penetration Testing

We will map your network perimeter and detect vulnerabilities using tools designed to uncover flaws in your security stance and exposed network services. A detailed report will be provided with recommendations on how to improve your security to prevent future incidents.

Incident Response

Are you currently under attack or would like to plan a response to a potential future network attack?  We will determine the nature and root cause of the attack and help you develop a response, placing a priority to getting your business up and running quickly and safely.  We can collect and preserve evidence for civil or criminal action if necessary.

Virtual Private Networking

We will help you establish secure remote access between your various offices (including satellite and home offices) over secure, encrypted network links.  Inexpensive VPN access devices now in the market allow anyone to implement secure remote access and safeguard company intellectual property.

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